Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to Use Snes360, Genesis360, and Mame360 on a modded or JTAG'd xbox360

Please Rate This Video!! Part 1: Make sure you see part 2, especially because I cover how to install mame360 at the begining, which is a bit different then the other emulators. This Video Covers how to install and use the three main Emulators outs for the Xbox360 at the moment. Snes360, GenesisPlus360, and Mame360. I try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about emulators, and give a full step by step walkthrough of how to put roms onto your xbox hard drive. Note: Whenever I say slash, I mean backslash. Note2: You can add roms to an external hard drive or flash drive as long as you put the roms in the correct directory. Directory for Hdd: Snes = hdd:\Emus\Snes360\roms GenesisPlus = hdd:\Emus\genesis360\roms Mame = hdd:\Emus\mame\roms (Make sure you change the option file like I show you in Part 2) Directory for USB Storage Device: Snes = usb:\_Emus\Snes360\roms (You MUST have the _) GenesisPlus = usb:\_Emus\genesis360\roms (You MUST have the _) Mame = USB:\Emus\mame\roms (Make sure you change the option file like I show you in Part 2) Xboxelement.com - This is my website, please check it out. At the time of makign this video it is very very much under construction though, so don't expect too much. :)

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